• Theodore Antony, Conservative Candidate for Markham-Stouffville

    Theodore Antony is a proud resident of Markham-Stouffville, a successful entrepreneur, committed to his family, with strong community connections to the riding.

    As a proud resident, he cares deeply about the community and the issues that matter most to constituents. Markham Stouffville is where he built his business and raised his family.


    Theodore immigrated to Canada with his family and holds the experiences of new Canadians close to his heart.


    Professionally, Theodore was a Director in the RESP industry. He was passionate about supporting Canadians planning for their children’s post-secondary education. In addition to the supervision and management of service providers, Theodore ensured all business practices were compliant with the Ontario Securities Commissions policies and procedures to the highest standard.


    Theodore holds two university degrees (Bachelors of Science from East London University and a Bachelors of Business Administration from Caldwell University). He had significant experience with clinical and scientific research in biochemistry. Theodore’s ability to disseminate research findings led to publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


    Theodore is strongly supported by his wife Sara, his two children and grand-daughter.

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