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What’s the real cost of the Trudeau-NDP Coalition? We took a look at the history books

Justin Trudeau is scheming up a plot to cling to power by forming a coalition with the NDP. This is the coalition that you cannot afford.

We know that the Trudeau-NDP coalition will mean:

  • Higher taxes;
  • Bigger deficits;
  • And, fewer good-paying jobs.

The last time there was a Liberal-NDP coalition was from October 1972 to July 8, 1974 under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

In less than two years, the Liberal-NDP coalition:

  • Jacked up personal income taxes by 40 per cent.
  • Increased taxes on job creators by 66 per cent.
  • Raised other taxers by 61 per cent.
  • Increased Canada’s total debt by 19 per cent.

Source: Finance Canada Fiscal Reference Tables, September 2019.
Can be viewed at:

Now is not the time for a Trudeau-NDP coalition that you can’t afford. Only a Conservative majority government will put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.

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