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    The Markham-Stouffville Conservative Association is the voice of the Conservative Party of Canada in Markham-Stouffville.


    Canadian conservatives stand for sovereignty and a strong national defence; open federalism and national unity; free enterprise and individual achievement; and the opportunity for all Canadians, regardless of background, to achieve their dreams in a safe, healthy, and prosperous country.


    In short, we stand for a Canada that is strong, united, independent, and free.

  • Conservative Leader - Erin O'Toole

    Erin O’Toole was born in Montreal. He enrolled in the RCAF when he was 18 and attended the Royal Military College. He did basic training in Chilliwack, BC; got his wings in Winnipeg, MB; and served out of Halifax, NS. Erin participated in search and rescue missions as a tactical navigator. He is bilingual.

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    Electoral District Associations (EDA's) are the Conservative Party’s presence in every riding across Canada. As the party’s grassroots, we seek your support to ensure we elect a strong, stable, national, Conservative majority government.

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